NEXT EVENT: Sunday 21 August 2022


Entry documents for August event will be available in July.

(click on items below to access when available)

Entry form

Supplementary Regulations


Self statement of vehicle compliance

Nominate pit crew and family members

MA disclaimer

Team bio (for commentary)

PLEASE NOTE that entry form, checklist, self statement of vehicle compliance and Motorsport Australia disclaimer must ALL be signed by each driver.

Also note that there is an official HSCC Practice Day on the Friday (20th) prior to these events.


New comprehensive User Manual

A comprehensive B1K user manual is now available. All people connected with the event are encouraged to read this informative document here.

Results of July 2021 events

Results of all B1000 events including the most recent version in November 2021 are accessible here.  For lap times, visit the Natsoft Race Results website here.

About the event

The Baskerville 1000 is a long distance-regularity event and not a conventional race. Points are awarded for each lap time close to the lap time nominated before competition. The team with the most points at the end of competition is the winner of the event.

Teams are comprised of a minimum of three drivers and maximum of six. The event duration is 6 hours, incorporating compulsory driver changes and refuelling stops.

Licence Requirements

Drivers must hold a Motorsport Australia-affiliated car-club membership and a Motorsport Australia Speed licence or higher. All drivers must have competed in a previous club day or official B1000 practice day prior to competing in the Baskerville 1000.

Vehicle Eligibility

Entry is open to mass-produced, four-wheeled sedans, coupes or station wagons legally eligible for registration in Australia. Open-top or convertible vehicles are not permitted. Eligible cars shall not be of more than $1000 value when first purchased, and would be deemed roadworthy if submitted to a transport inspection.

Entrants must have a receipt or copy of for-sale advertisement to prove the vehicle purchase price. Parts such as brake pads, spoilers, new tyres, mag wheels added to the base vehicle do not count towards the $1000 limit.

Very limited modifications are allowed to vehicles to assist with performance. NOTE: No semi-slick or R-spec tyres are permitted.

Unlimited modifications are allowed to vehicles in regard to safety modifications (roll cages, fixed-back racing seats, racing harness, etc) provided they are in accordance with Motorsport Australia regulations.

Click here for information about vehicle eligibility and permitted modifications.

Car presentation

Each team is encouraged to present their car as a replica of a real racecar, or to adopt a race-category inspired theme; eg: NASCAR, V8 Supercar, WRC, Group A, Group C, BTCC etc.

How to enter

If  you would like to get a team together to participate, click here for an Expression of Interest form, which you can complete and return by email or post.

More information

To learn more, visit or ‘like’ our Facebook page, where you can find regular B1000 news and updates. Or email your request to