Minutes of the inaugual meeting of the above were held at Secretary's Pam Vaughan, with President Bev Wigston on the 11th February 1971.
The first year was to organise Fund Raising and so it has remained until this day.
WOMEN FOR WHEELS aim was to supply and maintain safety equipment for Baskerville Raceway and southern CAMS Clubs.  To this end the last nearly 40 years have seen many and varied fund raising efforts including many HSCC dinners, numerous small social fund raisers and our Pit Stop shop.
The first was a tent and hazardous it proved to be, just selling hot & cold drinks and sweets.  No tower then as we now know it.  In 1984 we moved to our permanent shop and started catering properly in the pits.  With a lack of members we finally resolved to close our shop in May 1998.
Over the years we have purchased and maintained some 25,000. worth of safety equipment.  Sadly much was stolen or vandalised, so wasting our hard earned cash.  As well, we were answering HSCC's calls for assistance, some $61,445.44 over the years which included both St Johns and Ambulance board payments.  The new century has found us quietly continuing with our small fund raising efforts with the latest being our successfull coffee stall at the 50th Anniversary of Baskerville Raceway. 
We are a very small group now, but we enjoy our monthly meetings and social gatherings where we continue to raise funds to help both HSCC and Motorsport Tas.
If anyone is interested in joining us for our fun outings with a fund raising theme, please contact Michelle Fish on 0418 125 798
Ivy McDonald  -  President 2008/2009
Southern Women for Wheels
PO Box. 228 Moonah.  Tasmania  7009