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Time Attack

Time Attack returns for 2024 on the 6th of October. More Information Soon


Time Attack 2023 ran on the 17th of September 2023, Results are on the NATSOFT website.

Time Attack 2022 was held at Baskerville Raceway Sunday 4 September. Results are on the Natsoft website.

How to enter

Entry for the 2023 event will be via the Motorsport Australia entry portal.

Supp Regs

Entry Form

Technical Regulations

What is Time Attack?

Time Attack, also known as Superlap, originated in Japan in the 1980s as a proving ground for street-tuned cars built by highly respected tuning companies. With a quick rise in popularity, tuner shops started developing race cars purpose-built for the event. Soon the Time Attack format spread throughout the world, with the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia all hosting their own national events.

Superlap format is not unlike a qualifying lap in traditional motorsport with competitors racing against the clock, with the fastest single lap collecting the main prize. The rules are limited almost purely to safety aspects meaning cars can have almost unlimited modifications, making for some seriously spectacular action.

Time Attack is about challenging oneself, man and machine against the clock. It’s about setting new personal bests and records.

What do I need to enter?

You need a car that complies  with one of the four classes, a Motorsport Australia Speed licence or higher, and membership of a Motorsport Australia-affiliated car club.

Vehicle Classes

Time Attack Tasmania uses the rulebook from World Time Attack Challenge for three of its four classes.

The Street class follows Clubsprint, incorporating anything from basically standard vehicles to a mildly modified or club day racer running a street tyre such as a Yokohama AD08 or Hankook RS4.

The Club class is the same as Street, but allows the use of semi-slick tyres such as the Yokohama A050 and Dunlop DZ03G.

The Modified category follows Open, featuring mostly significantly modified cars. Rollcage and safety apparel is a must.

Unlimited follows Pro and Pro Am. These are the wild machines that run slick tyres.

Any vehicle quicker than a 59.5 second lap will require a 6-point roll cage, frontal head restraint and appropriate safety equipment.

If your vehicle does not fit one of the classes, please discuss with organisers.

More Information

To learn more, visit our Facebook page, where you will find event updates and news. Or contact for more information.