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Update on Aug Baskerville 1000

The Baskerville 1000 organising committee agreed to revert the upcoming Baskerville 1000 to a one day event.
The decision was based on the current number of lodged entries, and also taking into consideration the number of anticipated entries yet to be received.
The organising committee apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we are giving as much notice as possible.
The revised event timetable will see the Friday practice session no longer being held.
Practice will now be held on Saturday, with the actual Baskerville 1000 being held on the Sunday.
– Saturday 26 August – optional practice day
– Sunday 27 August – event day
If this change means teams need to alter or withdraw their entry then please let our Secretary know ASAP.
This change will also impact those who were intending to compete on both days.
Not all entrants that have provided their credit card details have been charged yet. Adjustments will be made as necessary.